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Single incision surgery

This is a new technique where we perform laparoscopic surgeries through a small 2cm incision in the navel. This procedure is truly scarless as the scar is hidden in the navel.


We make a small 2cm incision in the navel, then we insert small 5mm trocars and introduce gas to create the working space and operate using laparoscopic instruments.


  •  Scarless
  •  Painless
  •  Bloodless
  •  Faster recovery
  •  Early return to work

Surgeries performed in General Surgery

❖  Appendicectomy
❖  Cholecystectomy
❖  Hernioplasty

Surgeries performed in Gynaecology

❖  Hysterectomy
❖  Myomectomy
❖  Salpingectomy
❖  Oophorectomy
❖  Diagnostic laparoscopy for infertility